Need help on fundraising idea

    Basically, im in the process of setting up a fundraising page on

    I need some help and suggestions about how I can raise the £500 for Cancer Research UK

    I was thinking of raffling off some items such as mp3 player and mobile phones on HUKD but would any of you be interested ?

    I was thinking of asking for a donation of £1 for a name in the hat and anything else you want to give as extra would be fantastic, i would also give away items on here rather than selling for a donation to the website etc

    So would anyone be interested ?

    I chose that site as they claim that gift aid back so its more money for the chairty at the end of the day

    Any ideas or queries ?


    if you buy a phone for £80, you would need over 80members to put in £1. Its long-some IMO. if people paid by paypal, the fees would take some of the money, i think it would be more hassle then its worth.

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    I've just been told that the minimum donating is £2 but may be wrong

    WIll have to rethink this one

    might be a better idea, to set a website for free on a blog, and get people to donate that way or something.

    Maybe do the usual, run/swin etc so far for so much.

    balloon launch always goes down a treat..
    Buy a top prize, people then buy a balloon. On launch day each balloon bought has a tag added to it, with message and code... The balloon which reachs the furthest wins!
    Bascially the person who finds the balloon rings the number on the balloon with the code etc to clarify..
    its a fun cheap raising money thing.
    Top prize could be anything from bottle of wine to an ipod!
    However much you want to spend....

    I once...actually thrice lol...did a 24 hour 'blogathon' where I stayed online for 24 hours, on my webcam, blogging every 30 minutes - then had people donate for me to do things, like blog about the subject of their choice, wear a bin on my head for 10 minutes, pay for me to plug their sites etc - turned out pretty well, but as with everything like this you need to have an 'audience' for it to work - I had to do a lot of pimping on message boards and other online communities I was a part of for weeks beforehand to make sure I got visitors!

    What charity?

    Who, me or the OP? OP stated Cancer Research UK, mine were for Children in Need and Comic Relief.


    Who, me or the OP? OP stated Cancer Research UK, mine were for Children … Who, me or the OP? OP stated Cancer Research UK, mine were for Children in Need and Comic Relief.

    I have no idea how i missed that line in the Opening post... and i was asking both lol

    hope the bbc didnt steal it :O!

    How about doing a car boot? my mum does them for cancer and so many people give them stuff to sell.:thumbsup:

    sponsered dares. for example once you get £100 you will do something silly in public and post a pic to prove it, you then ask the donaters to give you the ideas too
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