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Found 3rd Nov 2017
I need a mobile that has the best camera for the cost available. Looking at about max £150. Happy to have refurb,
I don't need any great other stats.
Obviously the problem I have, is that the better the processor, the quicker it sorts out the photos/camera.
I don't need fingerprint ID, nor any gaming potential, no sound brilliance. Being able to hold a conversation on a device that is actually a phone would be nice though.

I would like a phone that is reliable and has a reasonably good battery.

I basically want a phone I can keep in my pocket, use it for a camera when I need it and now and again use it as a phone with the odd bit of browsing,

I have gone round and about the houses trying to find the best one for myself, vivo 6, Moto G4 plus, G5 etc,

After chasing my tail for a week, I thought I try asking here. As I always find a big problem with the one I find.

Chinese phones are normally out due to their poor camera characteristics.
Can anyone shed some light?

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Samsung S6 should be in that range if you don't mind 2nd hand.
Great phone, amazing camera. Decent battery life and strong specs to put it up to any task.

Also the great double press home button to quick launch the camera is one feature I loved on my s6 edge.
Thankyou, I hadn't considered that one. It seems perfect.
ysdevil1 h, 33 m ago

Thankyou, I hadn't considered that one. It seems perfect.

It's a lovely phone. I had the edge which is the same specs but a slightly smaller battery (think 50mah less).

The edge screen is a bit crap tbh. I disabled the edge panel features as it was just annoying.

But I loved my s6 edge, camera was great. Decent slow motion abilities (not as great as the S7 or s8).

I've now upgraded to an S8, and I sold my s6 edge 64gb, unlocked and boxed with all accessories (without headphones) for around £230, back in August/September. So the price should be a little lower for that and the s6 standard was a lot lower in price.
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