Need help on valuing this PSP (no idea on the model either!)

    Well a lad from work is selling this for his aunty and they want about £40 for it. All he's given me is the PSP and the charger cable and that's it, no box and no other cables or games.

    Ive started the PSP up and the system software is version 3.52, memory stick says it has 16mb free.

    Tbh i have no idea on these hand held's and ive no idea on the model and how much it is really worth. Ive inc some pictures and they aint the best but im hoping some of you good folk can help me out on it's value and if it's worth buying.



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    Looks like the original phat PSP, I'll say £60 is reasonable.

    i would sell for around £45!

    cant go wrong for £40 if its all working

    :thumbsup:it is the old phat model and they sell for around £55-£65 delivered

    ill take for 40 delivered

    It's a shame that the camera flash has taken out the system software version in the photo. If it is low, it will probably sell for a bit more...

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    Wait lads im not selling it and buying it hehe ;P

    Ahhh well that sounds sweet then, only thing is im a bit stumped as i can't register the PSP with my PS3 as it says it's reached it's numbered network connections on the PSP has been reached. Then it tells me to go into the psp network settings and delete some, gone in and then it has 2 options:

    Ad hoc mode
    Infastructure mode

    Arrrrgh what do i do now chaps!!!

    are you not selling it?

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    For me and the lad

    Still need help on that network thingy! ^^^^^

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    system software is version 3.52

    edit: found and deleted the connection.

    ill take 4o pounds delivered please
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