Need help please. Need somwhere to swim with Dolphins but cant fly Any suggestions

    My relation has just been given three months to live and her wish was to swim with dolphins. Unfortunatly she cant fly as it so aggresive. Looked for somwhere in France but getting nowhere. Can anybody help please


    Sori to hear about your relation......

    You can swim with dolphins in co kerry in the south of ireland..

    Hope this helps also it is a beautiful part of the country

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    Thank you so much will try and find a link

    oh in particular its dingle in co kerry your looking for

    Don`t know if you would/could swim with dolphins here but the moray firth (Inverness).
    more information could be available following this link…F9B

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    Thank you so much looking at the harbour now. Looks lovely

    :?ss about your family member hope this helps:)
    Since 1983 Fungie, a wild Bottlenose Dolphin, choose to make Dingle Harbour his home. On our two-hour early morning swimming trips ( 8 am - 10am) you have the chance to swim with Fungie in the peace and tranquility of Dingle Harbour

    Dingle Bay Dolphin - Ireland…htm

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    Thank you :thumbsup:

    My sister did it in CUBA about a year ago.

    I do hope you can make her wish come true.

    I'm thinking that it will be too cold in UK waters - have you thought about contacting the tourist info places in the SW to see if your relation could hire a boat to go alongside dolphins?

    hi, sorry to hear the news.

    you can swim with dolphins off the south coast of dorset, i have never been personally but ive seen a few places offering it, although i think its only in the high season over the summer months.

    hope this helps!

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    Thank you all so much for your help. It is a sad time but we hope to get her swim with them and if not maybe see them,even this would be good. I have acted on all your suggestions and emailed a few of them. So heres hoping. Again many thanks to you all

    All the best then.

    you could always hire a wet/dry suit hope you get it all sorted out
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