Need Help Plz! Surround Sound help!

    Hey people, right i need some help.

    I am looking for a good quality 5.1 surround sound system with digtal and analouge connections. I want to hook up my xbox 360 (and future HD Player), Digital Box, Tivo, and TV(?).

    So please help, my budget is around £200. I am also looking for a amplifier, but unsure which are the best, seperate ones or ones that can come with the surround sound ones.

    Also if possible i want the speakers which are on stands about 1 metre high?

    Thanks a lot, i know its a lot but need some guidance so please help :-D

    Rep will be left for all help. Thanks.



    Should have posted in Deal Requests, PM the mods to move it for you. In the mean time I'll have a look for you

    Hmm, that's a tricky one on a £200 budget. I'm so glad I bought all mine before I had council tax and bills to pay.

    I got my 5.1 set with optical and the other digital input for £70 from Ebay, which I think was a damn good bargain hehe
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