Need help pricesing two coins

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Found 21st Nov 2009
i have two coins that i would like to find out the value of and was hoping that someone could help me with that

1st one is a us 1 dollar silver coin dated 1865

the other
is a Liberty coin dated 1796

any info would be grate i would post pic but not sure how


I would be interested in this too, as I have a 1878 (I think) silver dollar (maybe liberty coin) that has a secret flip to open it up to put something in it. I was told it was for secret messages but dont really know, so have a free bump

me too i have some coins that i would like valued

Coin valuing is generally for insurance purposes only. If you wish to sell these coins the price collectors will pay will depend on the quality (tarnishing and scratches etc). So for both types of valuations the best place is to take to your local independant coin retailer, they will be willing to give a true value.

But check here for your american coins…htm

What images or pictures are on the coins?

My daughter has a coin that she had valued - we found out (after some research) than coin dealers only pay you half the coin's value (and they're generally upfront & honest about doing this), so if you want to sell your coins you're best off doing so at auction.

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What images or pictures are on the coins?

well the 1865 one has on one side a mans head faceing to the left with a juge wig kinda thing and has in writing ont the top LIBERTY also on the left in godwe trust bottom 1965

other side eagle on a pick of wood (one leg on it) wings out. top UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, bottom ONE DOLLAR also just on top of theeagle E PLURIBUS UNUM with two twigs under the eagle.

2nd one

has a lady facing to the right with long hair and a big chest. again on top LIBERTY and to the left and right of that stars (left 8, right 7) bottom 1796

back eagle standing wings in a kinda circule of leaves and around the coin UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

last is a 1906 coin LIBERTY going from the middle left up and around to the right and a lady standing with some flowers in her left arm right arm out the sun in the bottom left fight IN GOD WE TRUST bottom very small 1906. there is something in the top left but do not no what it is

back eagle with a shield on its chest and upside down triangle made of stars 13 of them. around the coin .UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. from left to right top. and 1 oz FINE SILVER_ONE DOLLAR.

hope that helps (if only i new how to post pics that would have saved me time lol
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