Need help quickly norwhich union car breakdown phone number

    I'm stuck in the middle of no where & the only number I've got for them dosent work from my mobile anyone no any other number


    Roadside assistance/request a callout
    To get immediate assistance from one of our breakdown experts, call freephone now on one of the numbers below (for our joint protection, calls may be recorded and/or monitored:

    United Kingdom (including Jersey and Isle of Man) 08000 155 755
    Republic of Ireland 1800 535 005
    We'll pinpoint your position via satnav and let you know as soon as we're nearby. Lines are freephone and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    You mean you can now use teh internets outside?

    Use the internet to find the number, it will be a lot quicker that waiting for an answer here! lol

    Original Poster

    Used the Internet I'm not that daft it's just the number above they gave won't work from my iPhone can't understand why but it dosent had to ring home & get them to ring cheers for the sarky comments just what I needed

    Hot Uk Deals the Fith emergency service:thumbsup:


    drop the 0 before 0800 :thumbsup:

    Hope you're home ok now?


    Hot Uk Deals the Fith emergency service:thumbsup:

    FIRST :thumbsup::whistling:


    Hope you're home ok now?

    this guy has never been seen since ...:w00t:
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