Need help regarding xbox game transfers

Hello im a little confused, Im moving home soon and have bought another xbox 60gb and want to leave my existing console 20gb at home. But take a copy of the game saves and the profile onto the new console (60gb) but use my gamertag online on the new console but the old (20gb) will not use live services.

Do i HAVE to buy a memory card or is there other options? I have seen this:-…861

It mentions "The main advantage of using the U3 flash drive is its ability to transfer saved game data and Xbox 360 themes from console to console" Is this true?

Heat and rep left for people helping


can you not just download you account?

Original Poster

Yes you can download the profile using account recovery but i also need the saves?

Phone MS on their freephone number, they will usually send you a transfer cable kit for free. I think you can use the kit on as many 360s as you like BUT each Transfer can only be allowed Once a year on each of the 360s you transfer to. (Ask MS when you phone)....
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