Need Help - Stag Do

    Hoping some of you can help with this...

    I'm having a stag do in March 2008, but we're hitting brick walls on where to go that isn't the usual places...

    We're looking into Edinburgh and would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas or live there etc

    We're hoping for some Go Karting/Paintballing or Comedy Club of some sort, followed by a night on the tiles.

    Do you know if there is anywhere to do this in Edinburgh and where would be a good place to stay close to the centre etc

    Many thanks

    Also, any other stag do ideas welcome.



    There's a site called weekends direct that's pretty good, lets you tailor make a package.... I'll get you a link in a sec

    You don't have to book through them though, you're better off comparing prices for accommodation, check a few reviews on the second link below:

    Espionage is the only big place I've been to in Edinburgh, funnily enough I was with a hen party- it was pretty good, over four or five levels with loads of bars.

    ]Link to weekends direct site

    ]Link to Night B4 website

    ]Link to espionage home page

    Original Poster

    Nice swan :thumbsup:

    Thanks for that.

    Stay in the Grass Market, I had a stag night there not too long ago. Very good night.


    No danger Where you travelling from?

    LOL - I get married in March (1st 2008) and we are planning on Edinburgh for the stag do, probably early February, so will pass on any helpful tips on here!

    Thanks in advance.

    Original Poster

    Paddy - Where is the Grass Market?

    Jules - From Barnsley, with an entourage of about 10-15 (oh joy).

    Nat - Let me know

    It's a 10 minute walk from the city centre, but also has loads of pubs in the area nd the infamous pubic triangle of strip clubs.

    Here's another linky too... ]Crocodile Events...

    Edinburgh pffffffft. Glasgows where all the fun is :thumbsup:

    Not got any packages though so it would end up more expensive.

    Go on a ghostie tour ... very very drunk. Never been on this but seemingly edinburgh has an underground street area that was blocked off to contain disease.

    Agree that the grassmarket is a good pub crawl area.

    Appropriate for a stag night: last drop inn. Allegedly where executioners took the condemed before he was hanged. Pretty small place however.

    Heart of Midlothian: Outside St Giles Cathedral. A kinda stone heart in the pavement that you are meant to spit on for luck.


    GAIA!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been!!!!????????? :friends:
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