Need help starting a petition for school

    My wife and I are looking to see if anyone can help us with a template or similar, where we can get parents and local residents to sign it so that a crossing can be put in the road by school.

    Thanksin advance.

    Rep will be left for sensible coments.


    Are you taking the petition to the school or the council?

    I would think you just need a simple word table with name / address / signature columns ... and then put what the petition is for at the top so people know what they are signing...

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    Are you taking the petition to the school or the council?

    Good point. The local council.


    It would help if you had some weight with it...

    Speak to local police to find out numbers of accidents in the road you want the crossing...

    You could also try to get your local newspaper down and get an article in that about how dangerous the road is etc - they could put a picture of you (& various photogenic children!) plus petition in the paper ... might help , best of luck!

    have you tryed contacting your local MP? They might like the publicity.…htm
    I think that most councils have something like this ^^^^^

    Also contact your local MP.


    Im not sure what you actually need help with? "A template for a petition"?

    Surely, you just need a Title, a paragraph to say what its about, then 3 columns for Name, Address and signiture?

    Yea, contats your local MP and go to the police, both will surely like the publicity and it would help your petition at the same time
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