Need help - Thinking of upgrading to sky hd

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Found 13th Jan 2011
been doing some research as i want sky hd after buying freesat hd a while back.

im an exsiting customer, have sky + downstairs and multiroom upstairs with a normal sky box. on both boxes we have all the channels - kids, sports etc. but i want to upgrade to hd downstairs and move the +box upstairs. can this happen?

second question is how much is it gonna cost lol!

according to sky, the box is like £15 and then £10 for the hd pack each month. i want the sports pack which i can supposedly get all 5 ss channels and espn for £29 p/m. this is the only hd pack were considering apart from the standard one.

but we want to keep the normal def kids and movies channels! do we have to pay extra for the hd sports channels even though we already have them on standard def?



Could be totally wrong, but I would say get the HD installed in the bedroom and then swop the boxes yourself, because the sky+ and sky+ HD boxes both need 2 wires from aerial to box, ordinary box only needs 1. You wouldnt be able to just take the sky+ box upstairs at the moment because need the extra wire.

Also, you pay £10 a month for all the HD channels, so it would be whatever you pay now, for whatever channels you get now + £10 for all HD channels. You dont pay extra for each set of HD channels, so you would (providing you subscribe to the kids and movie channels) have all the ordinary kids and movie channels, plus the HD ones.

agree with Kelly

you just pay the extra £10 and get everything you have now plus the HD channels including sports etc,only thing you wont get is espn which is extra and not worth it imo.

not that i would bother but that's another story:)

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