Need help to calibrate Dell U2713h monitor.

    I have Dell U2713h. The problem is in order to calibrate the monitor it requires X-Rite I1 Hardware. I want to know if I should calibrate the monitor. I don't want to buy the hardware to do this. If I should calibrate it are there any computer/photography shops that could do this for me. I'm based in East Lancashire. If anyone knows about services like this in Burnley or Blackburn it will be greatly appreciated.

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    Doubtful a computer shop would have the equipment available to offer the calibration services, usually most are tailored toward general daily tasking, unless there is a photographer on their staff. Most specialist shops attempt to sell the hardware to the consumer. Instead try the photography websites and forums as they might have an user or professional willing to provide the service for a small fee.

    Regarding the Dell U2713 monitor unless you're doing photography or similar work, factory default, software calibration, or preset (Adobe RGB) should be sufficient for most users requirements. Of course it would be a waste of this brilliant monitors capabilities and full potential.

    It's an odd choice of monitor to not calibrate, the Adobe RGB colour space will play havoc with most content so you generally only go for it if you're working with colour sensitive stuff.

    Looking at TFTCentral's review the factory calibration of sRGB mode is good so I'd just set it to that and leave it alone if you're not doing anything that requires that the screen be profiled.…htm
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    I will leave it as it is. I might calibrate it if I ever do any photography work on it.
    Thanks for the help guys.
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