need help to find out what the problem is with my laptop

    hi for a few weeks my laptop hasnt been charging properly i have to wiggle the wire around untill the charging light lights up on my laptop then try and keep the charger wire where it is. Well last week it wouldn charge up at all therefore my battery died and havent been able to use it. luckly my mum has lent me her laptop for a bit. I thought it must just be the charger a loose wire or something so i ordered a new charger of a company on ebay and it said it was compatible with an advent 7103. It arrived this morning but when i plugged it in the connection didnt go all the way in as its too big/long and i switched the laptop on and like it has been doing it just turnt itself off again as the battery is dead but for the few seconds it was on the charging light wasnt on so now im confused as to is it that i have the wrong charger or is it actually a problem with my laptop??


    could be either but i'd put money onit being the motherboard connection on the laptop. Only real way to test is to get a proper charger. if that doesnt work then its the laptop and a £100 + repiar i am afraid.

    usual problem with laptops, i got mine repaired and it broke again in 6 months. after that replaced with desktop...


    could be the pin inside the laptop that the charger connects to. it could be bent on broken. mines is on its way out too.

    had same problem with my fujitsu laptop,,had to take it apart and resolder the connection

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    cheers everyone for your help

    Do you know anybody with the same model as you? My daughters laptop had the same problem was told it would be over £100 to repair the motherboard connector, as it happened her schoolfriend has the same model as hers so she borrowed the charger and it worked perfectly.
    I replaced my daughters charger from ebay for only £15..

    Check to see if it's the socket where you plug the power plug into . It's a very common problem on laptops . The socket is soldered on to the mother/mainboard and can work loose or snap off . I've just repaired a Packard Bell Easynote E2560 for the very same reason . You take them apart to get to the mainboard and de-dolder then re-solder the new bit .I bought mine from ebay for £4.50 , there shipped from the Isle of Man , next day service .They also offer a fix service and charge £50 plus the part & P&P . A lot cheaper than buying a new laptop .

    same problem i have had with 2 acer laptops...and now i have a problem with my macbook - wont work unless it is being charged from the wall, take out the power cord and it dies instantly!!! what rubbish!!!
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