need help to track delivery via DHL/courier

Found 25th Oct 2007
Hi, need a little help again. Ryouga has sent me a PSP via courier and he had it collected on Monday, It was supposed to be a 48hour delivery but i still haven't got it yet.

How can i track the delivery, ryouga has given me the Item number but when i go on the DHL website they say the code is wrong...

Can someone plz help me cause i dont know which number to ring either to speak to someone who can help track it down.
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Type in the code on this page (…ng/) > Nextday > By Ident Code > Fill out just the From Ident Code field
it says invalid code??
When i spoke to ryouga yesterday he said its been tracked and its somewhere kinda far(cant remember the place) but its giving me an invalid code

my code starts with
Think if you phone 08702 400 555 you can track on there or speak to an advisor :thumbsup:
get back to Ryouga.. he sent it, get him to chase it and forward details onto you.good luck!
The code you will have is the consignment number, which you cannot check on the DHL website.

Call teh muber above and tell them that it is all you have and they will find out what the delivery number is and update you on its progress.

Do it yourself, its quicker than waiting for somone else to do it.
Thanks for your help everyone. I am getting cheesed of cause ryouga says he has sent it of and has now given me a different id code for the delivery, I have rang the number given and they say they cant get anything with the new delivery code given to me.

The JD number is also invalid as they say in the automatic answer machine.

I dont know what i should do now really. Should i wait a few days or do something???

thanks for your help anyway, rep added
Looks like a scam- try getting your money back
i'm waiting for something from Ryouga myself but think it should be coming via royal mail not a courier.
i trust ryouga i dont think he's a scammer.
He is keeping me uptodate with whats happening, he has good feedback and not saying anything will go wrong but me and my friends can always go and pay a little friendly visit if anything happens.

In my opinion chances are 0.00000001% that ryouga is a scammer.
But of course time will tell. I still respect the guy and trust him.
Hi there, sorry for not replying have been busy at uni and tired lol.

It's not the first time a psp I sent has taken longer to arrive than it should, last time I sent one it went "missing" but I sent it in its original box with a label and PayPerDrop never refunded me, oh well.

But this time they say this one has just had its label lost so are sending it again.

Also pm'd littlesheepy about sending them a replacement controller.

use the tracker on there, kept failing for me aswell and it worked on that [ ididnt buy with parcel2go, i used someone one else]
So will it come tomorrow or saturday as i have lots of things to catch up on that i couldn't do because i was at home waiting for the delivery to arrive from monday.
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