Need Help. Toshiba Laptop Battery/Power issues

    My toshiba l350d laptop, which is now 2 years old only has a battery life of 20 minutes when fully powered. When i bought it - it wasnt great as it would last fro no longer than 1 1/2 hours - but i was told that was normal for larger machines.

    I know very little about computers and have been reading up on it - e.g. letting the battery run out and charge it fully to see if that helps. Iv tried this but it has not worked.

    So i presume i need a new battery. Iv seen this on ebay (item no: 280560681606)but im not sure if they are genuine (esp as the fedback is not great).

    Can anyone tell me if there is anything else i can do to prolong battery life or is there nothing else i can do apart from buy a new one. And wher are the best (and cheap) place to get a decent one from.



    to prolong battery life don't have it in when the laptop is on the mains, the battery can only be charged so many times and every time you plug the laptop in the battery takes that as another cycle of being charged no matter how much charge it has at the time

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    So how reliable do you think the batteries will be off ebay ?


    haven't looked but if they have good feedback you should be ok
    theres also a good chance original and clone battery were made in the same factory
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