need help unlocking a sagem my200c

    my daughter has had this phone ages now but then she misplaced it in her room since finding it.the phone is no longer working with the sim it had in it maybe i blocked it im not sure but anyway, i have lots of o2 sim cards which i could put in but need the phone unlocked can anyone help me???


    If it has been unused for more than 90 days the carrier has probably de-activated the sim (will proabably say unregistered sim or bad sim), try another sim from the same network to see if the phone is locked

    Sagem phones are difficult to unlock ,never found anyone to unlock my sagem my200x

    Original Poster

    yes it does i cant try new sim as i dont have a t mobile ones only o2 so wanted it unlocked really unless anyone has a tmobile sim?

    You can free sims from t-mobile once in a while.
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