need help upgrading ram

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Found 17th Apr 2009
i have toshiba equium a110-252 laptop with 512mb ram. i am thinking about upgrading my ram to atleast 2GB.
now please some 1 tell me can i use 512mb and 2gb ram same time? like 512mb in one slot and 2gb in other??
also please recomend me cheap website to get it..
it uses ddr2 ram..

Thank You


check the memory advisor tool...

Liddle ol' me;4952441 the memory advisor tool...

that tool is brilliant

ps- i couldnt find his laptop model on there for some reason

You should be able to not a problem as long as it can support that much..

If you do ad stick the 2gb in the 512mb slot and the 512mb in the unused slot

It will definitely take it, check the manual, says max 4GB, XP will only recognise 3GB no matter how much you put in but it won't be anywhere near as efficient as having 2 x 1GB running in dual channel memory.

its very possible to mix up ram but to get the best performance you best to stick with 1 type of ram or two of the same. as each ram has a set speed:thumbsup:
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