need help with a motherboard

    hello i got a dell dimension 3000 and it doesnt have a place for a new gfx card i need a motherboard which will fit all parts already in the dell dimension 3000…260

    will this do
    or if u know of any better ones ,please advice me!!!

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    Unless someone just happens to have done this themselves nobody is going to be able to advise you on this as the 3000 is now quite old and was very limited in what you could do with it, 3 pci slots and that was it.
    Putting another motherboard in the dell case is going to be hit and miss as I doubt the psu plugs will be right or that the mobo will fit without cutting the case about. Sell it and buy something newer is my advice, or if you simply must keep it then buy a case and mobo and transfer al you have in the dell case over.
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