Need help with a phone...

Okay well I want to get one of these two CECT phones.…820

I was wondering if anyone knows which is the best out of these? All thats important to me is bluetooth and that it's able to play music and I can go on the internet through GPRS.

I am aware I can get charged import tax, Has anyone been charged it from DX? Anyone know roughly how much I could get charged?

Do you also know if this works on O2?

I will rep you if you can help me:)



The phones are unlocked, so O2 will be fine.

I would recommend you placing TWO orders to minimise the chance of C&E - however, there risk there is you do get done on both - and get hit with a second Post office £8 charge. EDIT: Cancel that - I thought I'd read you were after two of them!!!

Deal Extreme are very good when it comes to C&E - but its all a gamble.

The second one looks a better deal. It is triple band - and also mentions GPRS - where I cant see it mentioned on the other.

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I see it has Java 2.0 too and a 2MP Camera.



I see it has Java 2.0 too and a 2MP Camera.

The reviews seem to be better on the second one - though to be honest half the time I woundn't trust those too much!


ryt... the first is way better!! :-D
as it has the shake sensor
(soo you can shake to change the song, or change to lanscape view by tilting)
and also from what i can see you get a built in biometric fingerprint reader to unlock the fone like a password or summin. the second one is just th same really but without the shake sensor or biometrics. hope i helped :thumbsup:

oh and DX always cleverly mark the products as a gift so customs dont charge you a penny :P
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