Need help with a Pink phone

    Hi i am giving a friend a gift and i was thinking a pink phone, whats the best one available unlocked, has to be below £70



    I would shop around for a Motorola U9 - shoudl be able to pick one up for £70-80. Nice phone, very definitely feminine ...


    This is on orange by 95% sure all U9s are supplied unlocked.…A82

    Use offer code 10000 to bring price down to £56 so youll have enough left over to unlock it.

    Original Poster

    wow love this one
    but never heard of it before and am wondering if this can be unlocked, as it does say exclusive on orange


    Mine! agh will find it for you … Mine! agh will find it for you xxx it! Love my phone!

    nokia 7373!
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