Need Help with a Work Christmas Decoration Competition!

    At work we are having a competition between departments to see who can decorate their areas the best. The theme is "Arctic".

    My area is way behind (we have a couple of bits up but have been really busy and have not had time to think of anything amazing that we could do) and we are in need of some ideas!

    If anyone can think of anything we can do that will go with the Arctic theme would be much appeciated!


    one picture i saw recently was of emperor penguins made of vegetables ... aubergines i think. not 100% sure, lost the emails. u can expand on the polar ice cap idea. and the snow bits can be from the hole puncher ... pain in a*** to sweep though ...

    also saw a green brush/broom (pipe cleaner texture) idea as xmas tree.

    That polystyrene stuff that they pack tellys , washing machines etc with can be easily shaped into icebergs, igloos etc.
    How about some flying penguins ? Get one printed out on A4 and then photocopied and hang them up with fishing line.
    Find a blow up polar bear ??

    That's my lot, lol , I'm rubbish at these things

    How about some ice sculptures! :w00t:That would be cool...excuse the pun! :-D

    Found this also...thought it was pretty funny! :lol:

    you could get magic snow, and watch it grow!!

    wear blu lip stick, to make you look shivering
    use wadding, as snow
    mak igluooes out oh cups

    stalagtites and stalagmites ... ice skating rink ... our central office party was a western theme with ceo in stirrups.

    White cam. screen / strips of old net curtains. If you can get hold of enough - lengths of c.ds (stuck back to back) hanging down in different length strips. You could also get white bins bags on a roll and tear off varying lengths and shred them. If you have a standard shredder you can hang the strips from the ceiling or bung up a cross shredder and scatter the pieces? (of bin liner - not the broken shredder!)
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