need help with an mp3 track

    Hey i hope someone can point me in the right direction on this one

    now i downloaded a song for my mum for her phone but she hasn't got much memory to say the least and the phone has 5.8mb of space whereas the song she got me to buy is 7.4mb

    is there anything out there that i can reduce the size of the file i am not impressed atm i know it was only a quid or so but i promised i'd put this song on for her and i don't wanna have to tell her i can't do it

    links advice etc would be great +feedback to the dude that sorts ths out and please don't post if its just a stupid response i find that sort of behaviour rather rude and childish

    thanks anyway


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    cheers buddy someone else mentioned it but its all going over my head on what i need to do i've imported the track but what do i do to record it at a lower rate??

    audacity can be a pain to use - if you have either iTunes or WMP then i'd advise using them

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    got it cheers will leave you some repage!!!!!! cheers about to ask mod to expire cheers!!!

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