Need help with buying a 4K TV for gaming

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I'm trying to find a 4K TV with low input lag/response times with HDR mode enabled. My budget is around £650, although I'd prefer to spend less.

I can find TV's with low response times but thats without HDR enabled.

Anyone have any recommendations?
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You are unlikely to get a TV that can handle HDR in the way it was intended for your budget for HDR at a level where it makes a difference you need to look for a set that is Ultra HD Premium Certified,as for input lag if you stick with Sony or Samsung you can be almost guaranteed it will be very good but google the hell out of any potential purchase to be sure also sites like AVForums and can be very usefull.
Yeah, don't worry too much HDR on that budget. Local dimming systems are poor to nonexistant so you're not going to get much in the way of dynamic range increase.

Do you have any limitations/preferences when it comes to size?
Thanks for your help guys.

I may go higher than my budget if I can find a good deal.

I would like the screen size to be around 50" but it's not that a big deal for me.
The XE90 at £1200 would be the one to go for if HDR was your main criteria.

If you're happy to leave HDR until the price for the technology comes down then I'd look at the Panasonic EX700. It's only got limited ability to show HDR, but it does apparently have low input lag in HDR game mode (although what TV doesn't these days?).
The XE90 is too expensive for me.
I'm currently using an 8 year old TV, so any HDR at all is a big improvement. My main concern is input lag
I've looked into the EX700 and I was about to buy it, but then I saw a review that said it had low input lag in game mode but when HDR was on the input lag increased too much.
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ImBored1 h, 28 m ago

when HDR was on the input lag increased too much.

Bear in mind that it's one of those things that some people can be very picky about and will declare 1/30th of a second difference ruins a TV.

What sort of values are you sensitive too and would be unhappy with?
I've realised that I'm not going to get super low latencys so I've just gone with this TV…Cvg

What do you think?
You’re not gonna get a HDR10 tv for that money
Try eBay. I got a jvc 55" for £270 not a single second of lag, 4K ultra. You can just use the hdr on the PS4, Xbox or pc so why do you need the tv to have It?
ImBored5 h, 14 m ago

I've realised that I'm not going to get super low latencys so I've just …I've realised that I'm not going to get super low latencys so I've just gone with this TV do you think?

Sony usually produces very good TVs for what they are. The XE70's downsides would be the lack of All4 and ITVHub apps and that the 49" version uses a lower contrast IPS panel so isn't ideal for low light viewing.

It also lacks the wide colour gamut of the EX700, making it essentially a non-HDR TV in hardware terms. Although you may see some benefit from better contrast of the dynamic contrast/global dimming function from HDR metadata and other things that aren't hardware dependant.

Sony does tend to be good at motion though, which will be an advantage for gaming.
I'm looking at this TV now….ds

I've heard Samsungs have low input lag and it's quite a bit cheaper. Don't think I'm going with Sony because of the IPS panel.
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