Need help with buying a car

    there is a car in the autotrader that is well below £rrp

    my budget would allow me to buy a 2006/7 model but this is a 2009 8.000miles on clock and perfect condition.

    details in first post

    is it too good to be true or is it legit.

    please advise


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    now the car is in spain but is a uk model the selling has said he is offering cheap because it is uk model and know wants to buy a right hand drive in spain.

    then secomnd email said he is selling cheap because he needs the money for finacial problems.

    i ask how payment would be made he said using Yahoo Finance has anyone used this before?

    i pay yahoo they keep money til i receive the car and pay him after 15 inspection days at my say so.

    i ask for contact number but as yet nothing.


    All the symptoms of a SCAM

    Steer WELL clear.

    sounds a bit dodgy to me.....

    The old addage of "if it seems to good to be true....." comes to mind, especially when buying a car!!!

    Found this on the RAC web site about scams.…476

    What does it say (sound familiar):

    The vehicle is offered for sale at a significantly reduced price, potentially 50% of value, possibly less. The vehicle is a UK car, but the owner is now living abroad, often Portugal or Spain, they need to sell the car to buy a LHD.

    Note also the Yahoo Finance offer is a well known scam.

    No such thing.…563


    Oh my!

    I am a Nigerian Prince and I have a better deal for a car I am will to almost give you.................

    Original Poster

    many thanks rep added for help


    I cannot believe you are seriously considering this

    The exact same scam was in the Sunday Mail Judge column yesterday

    Plod on if you want to be out of pocket
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