Need Help With Buying A Computer

    Need to get a new computer for the house, Needs to come with the monitor included and a DVDWriter(No laptops) and not wanting to spend over about £500, Its mostly for browsing the internet but would like to also play games on it too, I haven't a scooby about what to look for been on comet currys dell etc... Please help and thanks in advance xxx


    For browsing the internet, email etc then almost any desktop computer will do.

    But if you want to play games the most important thing is the graphics card.

    But some top end games require a top end graphics card, while some simpler games can get by with a so so graphics card.

    So the most important thing is what games do you want to play (now and in the future)?

    Once people have an idea of the games you play they can suggest a PC with the correct graphics card.
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    What guilbert said. You will get a better PC if you build your own but if you don't want to something like this might not be too bad. I'd recommend buying your own monitor ect. and just getting a base unit built…757
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