Need help with buying a powerline adapter compatible with Virgin Media setup ( standard).

Posted 6th Apr 2022
Hello HUKD community.

I currently have a set of Virgin Media powerline adapters and would like to add another adapter to my setup. However the adapters Virgin Media provide only have one ethernet port and for my current use case I need an adapter with two ethernet ports. So I am having to look at third party options. In the manual for my Virgin Media adapters it says any additional adapters added to the network must use the standard (or else they won't work!).

After looking online there doesn't seem to be a large amount of adapters available but I believe my best option (in terms of price/performance) is: "devolo Magic 2-2400 LAN Triple: Add-on Powerline Adapter" for £79.98 on Amazon.

However I'm not 100% sure if it's actually compatible with my existing setup due to the item description. It mentions the "latest" generation and not being backwards compatible.

  • The transmission rate of 2400 Mbit/s and technology provides the fastest internet speed for all devices. Ideal For Fibre broadband
  • Latest generation, not backward compatible. Can be combined with all adapters in the devolo Magic series. (dLAN series adapters not supported)

Is there any way for me to tell what version of my adapters are vs "the latest" to make sure this will work?
Or are there any other adapters that might work with my setup?
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