need help with Dell 3521 Windows 8

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Found 3rd Nov 2016
Hi all
I was wondering if anyone could point me in right direction, my HDD on Dell laptop failed so I bought an SSD. Replaced it and tried to install Ubuntu but it's keep crashing & restarting. Laptop came with Windows 8 and I can't find any product key. Never made any recovery discs
If I buy a repair disc from ebay would it install Windows and get key from bios or do I have to buy code as well. I would prefer the windows 7 if I can get it fully working
Thanks for your help in advance


Windows 8 key is embedded in the bios.

When you reinstall Windows 8 it will activate automatically

Try downloading the correct version of windows the laptop came installed with (8 or 8.1) and install that onto the SSD, it should pick up the bios key.…ws8

Im sure someone more experienced can offer better advice but this should work.

Microsoft offers the installer for Windows 8/8.1 and 10 as a download from their website for free, so you really don't want to be buying discs off somewhere like ebay unless you don't have any other choice.

If it came with Windows 8 Pro then you're probably eligible for downgrade rights so you can install Windows 7 if you mostly use it to run older software.

Although if Ubuntu is crashing and restarting then it's possible the failure wasn't a hard drive issue but some other bit of hardware and Windows will have issues too.

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Thanks for the replies
I went on Microsoft site but it says enter key to verify the windows copy which I don't have
The last Windows was Windows 8 not 8.1 and hdd failed and wouldnt boot at all
It was my first attempt to install Ubuntu so I must have done something wrong the laptop less than 2 years old n was working perfect until hard drive failed.

Don't know what the big problem is.Download the Win8 installer then install the installation file on to USB or DVD.

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One of the problem is thus is 8.1 and mine was 8 so not sure if it's eligible but I'll try downloading this thanks
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