Need Help With Fishes, Can i put more in? 60L BiOrb

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Found 18th Apr 2008
My sister bought me a 15L biorb for my birthday last year, the plan was to put some normal goldfishes in there.

Anyway when we were at the pet shop picking them out i saw some subumkins that i like the look of so we got those, the bloke said they would outgrow the tank within a year but we said that wasn't a problem as after that they could live in the outside pond and we would buy some more.

But that has not gone to plan, one of this fish is way to friendly and i worried it would get ate by a cat so i got a 60L Biorb really cheap on ebay.

My dad picked it up today and said i could keep half a octopus in there!

I was in the pet shop today to buy a filter kit for it, and i saw some goldfish that looked nice.

With it being a 60L one can i shove some goldfish in?

Would they fight with blondie and bowie (the subumkin)? Would they live nice and happy? Would there be enough room?

Just thought some people on here could help!


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Blondie is the blonde looking one

Bowie is the other one,


Ive kept goldfish with my subumkins for over three years no problems.

they will grow, Bob (my fish) is about 5inches long (and fat) and the other five are getting as large.

if anything though the goldfish will outgrow them.

for pretty fish go for the fantails, and redcaps, about half a dozen in total of the big fish is good, and then if you want you can get the zebra danubes and white cloud minnows (tiny fish about the size of tetras) for the backgroud. they will all live together quite peacefully.

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I just want really easy fish that i can kill, i had some tetras and they all went missing!

So shoving them in even though they are new they would get on fine?

How big is your tank?

Thanks for the reply.

80ltr - get a couple at a time, as introducing new fish is always traumatic for them, leave them for a couple of weeks then get another two etc.

the White Clouds and Zebras are bread for cold water so are quite tough, they do like to be in shoals though so get 6 a time, Ive got 10 (five of each) all good petshops should do deals for them

i would put a pic on for you but have no idea how!!!

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Do you already have the photo on your pc?

Just go to [url][/url] upload it and post the link back here.

I just dont want blondie and bowie to have heart attacks so i can have some more fish to look it.

have PM'd you
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