Need help with iPhone 3GS instant unlock service

    Hi, I've just bought an iphone 3gs from ebay and it's locked to o2 and i want to use my tesco sim. I thought i could software unlock it but it's not possible at the moment. Does anyone know of an instant unlock service? Thank you for any help.


    ignore me if you saw that didnt see the s
    what fw is it on

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    Hi, It's on 4.0 baseband 05.13.04

    you cant jailbreak it yet then
    operator unlock is you only solution at the moment

    yes best bet get the seller to do the 02 unlock form if he still has the contract from when he used it.or get a 02 sim put £15 on it and you fill the unlock form out

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    Thank you both. Rep left (_;)

    Do any of you know how i leave rep because i haven't done it since the new site went live.
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    i've seen a few websites that offer an unlocking service for the iphone. Are they any good?

    They all just do the software unlock, there is no full unlock for the iPhone except the operator one.

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    Thank you dcx_badass (_;)

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