Need help with kinect and old xbox thanks

Found 28th Dec 2010
Basically my daughters dad has bought her a new xbox with kinect but her room is too small for it! I wanted to put it in my front room for her with old xbox but it only seems to go on new xbox is there anyway around this otherwise it seems like it was a waste of money :-( thanks
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Did u get it as part of a bundle? If so then you need to get a separate power supply and data cable for it.
move the new x box to the front room and it will work
my mother in law has hers set up with the original 360 not the 360s and it works fine straight out the box
Unless you mean an original xbox, as in not a 360......
All you have to do is plug the USB lead into the back of your xbox and the plug into the mains??

Unless you mean an original xbox, as in not a 360......

Good thinking.
Sorry should of been clearer in front room is a standard xbox 360 can't swap them as oh swaps his hard drive between front room and bedroom so if I put new xbox in front room he cant use it! And kinect from new xbox will not work wit standard 360 was wondering if there is cable or something I can get if so where from and how much please thanks
um...we have the xbox 360 (old white one) in the front room with our kinect and works fine. we was going to buy a new one (the black one) as it would match our new telly but my oh says its a waste of money as it works. we didnt need any differnt cables or connections. the kinect fitted perfectly into our xbox,
I'm not a 360 expert but I thought some of the 360s needed Kinect to be powered seperately because the USB ports couldn't handle the power drain.

Taken from Wiki:

"Because the Kinect sensor's motorized tilt mechanism requires more power than can be supplied via the Xbox 360's USB ports,[36] the Kinect sensor makes use of a proprietary connector combining USB communication with additional power. Redesigned "Xbox 360 S" models include a special AUX port for accommodating the connector,[37] while older models require a special power supply cable (included with the sensor[35]) which splits the connection into separate USB and power connections; power is supplied from the mains by way of an AC adapter."

Hope that helps clear it up.
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I have the old style 360 Elite and Kinect.

The mains plug goes in the wall and it has a USB split off from the cable that goes into the USB port at the back.

This should be it?
thank you all for help I will have a look around see if I can get a power cable!!
if you cant fit the usb cable in, in the box under a flap theres an adapter which you put on the cable making it a standard usb size.
I didnt word that very well, but i'm running connect on an orignal 360
seem to go for more than that on ebay
I have the original (white) xbox 360 too, and my brother got the kinect in a bundle with the xbox elite (black) but he didnt want the kinect to he gave it to me but the cable isnt usb, its something else so I can't plug it into my xbox, is there a lead you can plug onto the end of the kinect cable to make it usb so I can plug it into my xbox 360 (white)?
You need the Kinect Power supply which djnaff has linked to in the post above yours. The Kinect needs more power than a standard USB plug can give out so on the new 360's (the Elite is the old Xbox design, it will be an Xbox 360 S or 'Slim' your brother has) they included a modified port which could produce the extra power. However on older 360's you need the separate power supply to give Kinect the power it needs, this power supply is included in the standalone Kinect package but not the bundle.

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