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Found 19th Sep 2010
for my media this year we need to chose a title and do a essay about it. we can use any media form (i would like to do moving image (film preferably) or video games). for example one from last year "latino americans are shown in a negative way" and using studys such as jersey shore and the sopranoes. we must accompany the title with case studies, (one within last 5 years) and others.

i have had a few ideas such as "ethinic minorties are represented in a negative way" but i cant thnik of many films were they are the main characters (four lions?). also "gangs" are represented in a way that makes there lifestyle appeal to teenagers, disscuss (useing green street, football factory as studies)

and finally "ethnic minorities are represented in video games in a negative light (useing "GTA IV" and "Red Dead Redemption" as case studies)

so if anyone has any ideas about any kind of title (any subject at all then just throw them out there lol as it would help, as ive more or less gone compeltly blank lol.

cheers for the help =)


'Always bet on the black'

Line from Passenger 57 with Wesley Snipes. X)


Erosion of Ethnic Equality???

And how about the film East is East...........that was funny but the father was negatively portrayed as a wife beating nutjob. lol

Films: Kidulthood, Adulthood, SHANK,

I hate the term ethnic minority.....would get an F is I saw that (_;)


I hate the term ethnic minority.....would get an F is I saw that (_;)

What would you get for your grammar? X)


What would you get for your grammar? X)


was too mad to correct

Original Poster


I hate the term ethnic minority.....would get an F is I saw that (_;)

i do as well, but being part of a "ethnic minority", i prefer being called "hovis best of both" myself =D

i mean there countless titles out there, as you can do litrally anything from anyhting media form. i was thinking somethin to do with war films or prison films but cant really think of a title for it. "prison guards are represented as being brutal and violent, discuss"

hmm =/

What about if you picked a book you liked which has been made into a film, and then you could compare/contrast how, for example, the main character was portrayed in print and on film. You could look at how the transition into a different medium affects the portrayal and why, eg. intended audience, when the film was made compared to when the book was written, etc.

....or if there is a film which has been made into a game, then compare the two?
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