Need help with my garden cleaning

Found 21st Jun
Hi my garden has a grown bush all the leafs and green stuff keeps on growing, my neighbours have been complaining because it's going in their gardens and I tried to get rid of it last time but it keeps growing back up. My question is how can I cut this green weeds use like a trimmer I don't know the name or something else. Also need this to stop growing after cleaning it any recommendation what to use to cut the garden weeds also to make sure it doesn't grow back
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Nobody likes an unkempt bush
Unfortunately you need to maintain gardens and bushes.
What is this plant? There are lots of green plants. Photo maybe?
Nobody likes an unkempt bush
dig it out, will be the only way of getting rid of it. if its weeds then weedkiller will work but if you dont look after it then, it will just happen again.
If you want to get rid of it and don't want the hassle of digging it out then get some copper nails or small pieces of copper tube and hammer them in near the bottom, it will take a little while but the copper will poison it and it will die.
AW00791 h, 18 m ago

I like them unkempt.

You disgust me
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