Need help with names please :)

    Ok, taking my son to Butlins for an over 18's weekend.
    Some of his mates n some of my mates going and i'm havin t-shirts made for the Friday night.
    I'm still young at heart (only 36 lol), and we're more like mates than father n son.
    But anyway, looking for some inspiration for names for the back of our shirts please.
    My mate also needs 1. He likes his ladies and is a good laugh but we're just stuck on these names.
    Want something good, with possibly a double meaning maybe?

    Let me know what you can come up with guys.
    Also, what can we do to him while were there (nothing nasty obviously). Just after some good banter as it'll be his 1st "boys weekend away"
    Was thinking of having some photos blown up of when he dressed as a woman at a fancy dress thing and putting them around butlins?
    Get ur thinking caps on lol.



    How about "Dumb" and "Dumber"?!

    ****---ed and pisser

    "I'd give her one"

    You'd have to stand in the right order to make that work though



    Original Poster

    Cheers guys.
    Ideally want 1's that are ok on their own as we may not be standing next to each other all night lol.
    Keep them coming please

    How about
    'Keep on coming'

    Original Poster

    Nah. Not really a name is it.

    Original Poster

    Think i'm gonna go with Inspect-her Gadget lol
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