Found 4th Feb 2010
I have just got a 5 port gigabit network switch. It has a cable to the router, leaving 4 other ports to connect devices to. The original network cable I had from the router to the computer worked fine plugged into the router. But when connected to the switch there are no lights or connection.

I have tried the obvious and connected it with a different patch cable at it works fine.

Is there any reason a cable would work connected to the router but not a switch???

see next post for diagram of connection.

Thanks in advance


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Ignore the windows version, all using windows 7

You'll need a cross over cable if the switch or router doesn't have auto mdix functionality.

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I looked back at the tech details and should be ok with a patch cable:

All RJ45 ports support the Auto- MDI/MDIX function detection providing true plug and play capacity without the need for confusing crossover cables or crossover ports for networking to expand easily

Any other ideas?

Hmmm, could be speed/duplex mismatch or failing to autonegotiate, but not really sure what you can do about that if the switch is unmanaged. Off out now, will check back later.

Which switch did you buy?

Have you tried all of the other ports?

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Thought you might appear.......... PlusCom. Have tried all other ports. Only other thing I can think of is the coupler. But that doesn't answer the fact that it works when plugged into to router but not the switch.

Will go and try swapping the cable from comp to coupler................

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Sorted, just swapped the cable from coupler to comp and works fine...... still don't understand why it is good for the router but not the switch........... maybe it uses all 8 cables and router on 4 and I have a bad connection on one??

You don't have a coupler in your pic :P

You got a link for the switch?

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have pm'd link but was a one off on ebay.

Have you seen the one posted earlier today??…ged

Expired, thanks though
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