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    I have been given a Sony Vario notebook which is running Windows 98. I would like to hook up to the web with it, what is best way of doing this? It does not have ethernet port or a disk drive, I have a wireless dongle but because it is wins 98 it is asking for a driver which I have on cd but I don't have a drive to put it in. Is it best to buy a wireless card for it or an external disk drive - how do these connect to the notebook?

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    we covered this already:…ter
    so you really just made a new thread anyway?

    before you go further

    I suggest you double check the driver, are you sure its for win98?

    and check its not just for win98se, as that driver wont work

    you cannot use a memory stick as win98 needs drivers for that, blind alley there.

    the only realistic way is if you have a floppy disc on your laptop and find someone who has a pc with cd drive and a floppy

    a wireless card will need a driver, a period one would come with these on floppy. an external drive would need usb, and need usb drivers, which you cant use.

    i think you will find anyway, it will run like its on dialup, pcs that age are so slow, and there isnt a decent browser anyway.
    a win 98 machine is before pentiums, i threw away a pentium 2, which would have had close to 10 times the ram of your laptop, and it was unusable online. Sorry
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