Need Help With NVIDIA 8400 GS

    Hi all i got a computer from ebuyer…614

    And the computer is ace brill does everything and more. But i carn't seen for the life of me to get the HDMI to work it's like it's switched off i am using my HDTV via VGA cable at the mo and the screen resolutions are messed up i have only 3 to choise from (800 by 600) (960 by 600) (1024 by 760)

    i have contacted ebuyer and they just say update the drivers done that all upto date and there was no other help

    Please Please help me

    I am going mad trying to find a answer


    So your HDTV won't switch to HDMI when you have the PC connected to it that way? Are you attaching the hdmi cable and then booting the PC? Sorry if this seems an odd question but I have similar troubles with my HDTV and HDMI via PC, it claims there's nothing there and I get a black output but if I boot the machine with the TV already on the hdmi port it works fine. Irritatingly if I change the source on the HDTV I get nothing when I switch back to hdmi, in this case I simply need to remove the hdmi from the PC and plug it back in, after that it works again.

    Another problem I have is the scanning mode although I don't think this is the issue with yours, in this case I could see an image but it was not quite right (slightly zoomed in) - to resolve this I had to switch the TV (Samsung) to 'Just Scan'.


    Original Poster

    Hello John thanks for ya reply

    I have tryed that with the HDMi unpluged rest and loads of other ways just nothing at all

    I like playing fruitmachine roms and to do this the resolution setting like i said i only have 3 setting and carn't find a way to get more grr

    could it be with the HDMI i have a HP laptop and it has HDMI output and that just plugged and played with no problems.

    Thanks again for ya swift reply

    does this card have hdmi out?,
    also if using via vga cable many tvs do not support the pnp standards very well so u need to set res/refresh manually
    in xp right click on desktop select properties,to settings page, click advanced button, go to adapter and set "list all modes" also set refresh to 60hz,
    likely to be 1360*768 u want?, let me know if u need instructions for vista
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