need help with orange mobile contract plz

    Hiya, I was online yest to look for a new phone and logged on to my orange account when it said i couldnt upgrade until 2010 , Im sure i signed up to a 12 month contact not 18 month , i got my paper work out which came with phone and it says 12m ? whats going on ? has anyone had this happen to them ? I took out the contract directly with orange


    i would take it into an Orange store and speak to them directly. or phone them.

    give them a ring it might be a typo on the internet (that says 2010) Im sure they will be able to check with your mobile number and security details etc

    Where'd you take the contact out, online, Orange store, P4U, Cpw ??

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    Its was directly on the phone with orange ( the company orange - no 3rd partys ) as i was an existing customer upgrading

    Get on the phone to them tomorrow, ask for the billing team and explain what's happened.
    Tell them you can fax them a copy of the contract (the Orange shop can do this for you, just make sure they fax it the right way up, you'd be amazed how many I see that are just a blank sheet !). After they get that they should sort it out for you.
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