Need Help With Pc Components

    Hi all,

    Im thinking of getting…869 THIS cpu but need a good mobo to go with it. Any suggestion?


    what would you require
    How many ram slots?

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    To be perfectly honest im not too sure. Eventually i'll probably have about 4gb ram. so 4 slots. and for the other too options not a clue. Looking around £70 if possible. Also looking to overclock if possible with this cpu

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    It doesn't say it supports core 2 quad. Does it matter as long as the socket's the same?

    Im not sure you'd have to get that confirmed but im about 60% sure it would be okay.

    Because most things that wernt vista ready are..

    Yeah it is, but the £60 one is good too and half the price.

    If you're going quad core, definately dont be going AGP - it's old skool compared to the new quad core technology!

    You definately want to be able to support 4GB+ on the board, along with SATA II preferably.

    It's gonna be DDR2, whatever the story, so go for the best you can get in your budget.

    Have a scour around at the various forums and review sites out there, for example Hexus: and their forums for information on the most stable motherboards for what, I'm presuming, is going to be a gaming machine.

    Also, bear in mind that 95% of games out there still don't even use dual core, let alone quad core, so unless you're crunching numbers or processing 3D using Maya or 3D Studio Max, its probably a waste of money.


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    Well i just want to get somethign that's going to last me a while instead of having to upgrade all the time. Thats why im going for quad core

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    So can anyone recommend a mobo from ebuyer for a quad core cpu?

    Personally i would go for the ASUS P5N-E (…082) It supports Quad Core and is a really good overclocker. I managed to overclock my E6600 from 2.4GHz to 3.4GHz extremely easily. Make sure you have a good powersupply though or all your attempts will be in vain. It is in your price range as well, google it and check out all of the good reviews.

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    Ok cool think i'll go for that mobo seems alrite. What would you say is a good power supply? Thanks

    It doesn't say it supports core 2 quad

    Found this in the review section on ebuyer.

    I actually ordered:-QuickFind Code: 113965 | Mfr part #: 90 MBB4E5 … I actually ordered:-QuickFind Code: 113965 | Mfr part #: 90 MBB4E5 G0EAYZbut received this motherboard instead. As far as I can tell it is identical to the earlier item apart from the packaging which indicates that it supports Core 2 Quad cpus as well as Core 2 Duo.

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