need help with price for ps3 60gb

Found 4th Sep 2008
hi i want to sell my ps3 60gb nearly new hardly used. it was bought from CEX the A grade condition one and also comes with 1 years gurantee. so what price is it going for?



fiver? final offer


you are better off selling it on ebay mate. they sell quite well on there just now.

On this forum your looking at around £300odd

is the 60, the one that plays the older ps and ps2 games?


Well sort of, doesn't play all PS2 games.


Well sort of, doesn't play all PS2 games.

only some? :? how, just of interest as i have a ps2 and would love to play them still (IF i ever were to get one)

keep the ps2 and buy a 40gb ps3 is the best solution. Because its not worth spending the extra on the 60gb unless you want more ports and a memory card slot.

Yeh only some because its some hardware issue

argh dont tempt me

true, its just odd now that others cant (the newer consoles), dont know why mind. but i wouldnt need more ports n slots like, so hmm..

ta for knowledge guys :thumbsup:

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problem with ebay is the fee prices and dodgy buyers
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