Need HELP with QUIDCO on a O2 mobile contract earnings please!

    " New Earnings Enquiry
    IMPORTANT: Enter the transaction amount (not earnings amount - this will be calculated) AND quantity (where there is a box) alongside the rate(s) that apply to your transaction. Please exclude VAT and delivery. Quantity should be 1 unless the rate needs to be multiplied up by the number of items. "

    i wish to quiry a O2 mobile contract transaction and am a little confused as you have to fill out a form in which you must state the "Transaction amount (ex VAT/delivery)", what is this ammount? is this a monthly amount or the whole contract amount eg: £35/ month * 12months.
    anyone had any experince please help.


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    Please post in the quidco thread where the quidco rep can respond.…ng/

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