Need help with Quidco tracking

    Hi all. Since Quidco doesn't have its own forum I hope you all don't mind if I post here.

    I am not exactly new to Quidco. Had been a member for over a year now. However, Since several months ago when I reinstall my PC to Vista, I have been failing to get Quidco to track. I have tried both Firefox and IE7, with or without clearing temporary internet files, cookies prior to visiting the merchant site; I had also made sure other tabs are closed. I have never had any problems before, though I seldom use Quidco back then.

    Out of the 5 sites I have visited recently, all failed to track. I had to file earnings enquiry of which 1 is declined so far. I am wondering what could be wrong with my PC and Quidco.
    I don't believe that it is anything to do with the new Windows installation and I don't see how that would affects at all.

    I tried another PC and incidentally that site I went to tracked. But that was the 2nd site I visited several months ago before others that failed, so I can't say whether that's anything to do with my windows reinstall; and that the failed one before that was just unlucky (that one was before my windows reinstall, on a site with poor tracking record).

    One thing I don't know if it affects is having signed into Quidco with different browsers may confuse Quidco. But I never sign in from both at the same time though.

    Any thoughts?


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    Please submit Quidco queries in the dedicated thread

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