need help with router

    just bought a tp-link wireless adsl2 router so i can go on tinternet with my 360 but can't get it to work all the lights on the front are saying the right things and LAN says i am connected but when i try to go online it says no dial tone
    the distructions that came with it say to connect to a web address i guess takes u to the router but the ip address that comes up is'nt mine
    any help would be great
    cant wait to go online with halo3


    What do you mean 'IP isn't yours'? If router can't connect to your broadband provider, then the only IP you'll get will be from the router itself. Typically it is something like 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x
    In most cases, you'll get that address anyway, regardless of your broadband connection.

    Can you get to router's config page? This is where you'll need to configure your ADSL connection (authentification type, line type and username/password).

    Original Poster

    that seems to be the problem
    there a quick setup link and advanced
    and the is nowhere i can see to put in those details

    OK, I assume you've got TW-D8910G or TD-W8920G.

    Click on Quick setup. You'll need to specify VPI and VCI parameters (your provider must tell you what they are - it could be even printed in their welcome pack).

    Then click Next and you should get Connection Type screen. There you need to select PPPoA (I guess - again, consult with your provider) and encapsulation.

    Click Next.

    This screen will ask you for Username and Password. You must have'em somewhere.

    Then you should enable WAN service (just give it some name), enable DHCP (although it is enabled already) and enable Wireless if you need it. That's it.

    Then you'll need to configure your wireless connection correctly, but that's another story.

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    it's a TD-W8920G
    what you have just described is exactly the way it is set out in the leaflet that came with it but unfortunatly when i click on quick set up i dont see this but something totaly different
    thanks for spending time trying to help

    Can you attach screenshot of what you see?

    Original Poster

    ill try don't hold your breath!!

    I am going abroad tomorrow morning for three days, so you have aplenty of time


    what u need to do is after setup restarting all equip and then try


    A screenie would be handy, what do you see that is totally different?

    Try a browser and going in advanced instead of quick setup, then put the settings in (select save and reboot).

    May be worth updating the firmware too, but not just yet.
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