Need help with setting up new iPad O2 SIM

So I took advantage of the Quidco/O2 deal and got myself an iPad SIM... which i also intend to use for O2 Priority

I have received the O2 SIM, chucked it in my unlocked iPad (usually uses a GiffGaff SIM) and went through the Settings>MobileData>ViewAccount and registered an account, card and paid £2 for 200mb for 24hrs on-off.

It was accepted but nothing really happened. My iPad is showing O2 signal and 3G but doesn't actually connect to the internet. I have restarted the iPad several times and it's been an hour since I first registered and topped up the SIM.

I've also tried putting the number (i.e. the "Mobile Data Number" for ipads) into the O2 Priority app and click "send code" and I haven't received anything.

Oh, and I went online and tried to register there. I Got as far as an activation PIN being sent to my other phone and enetered that... then nothing!

What have I done wrong?!


The easy answer is to turn it off and then on again.

Unless it's an iPad SIM, you might need to activate it first on a phone. When I get one of those cheap EE sims that give you loads of data you have to activate them on a phone first before you use it on your iPad.

Also, check in settings that mobile data is actually turned on. Settings -> Cellular Data -> Cellular Data On/Off.

If the activation pin went to your other phone isn't it then trying to link it with that sim card?

Original Poster

So the sim doesn't actually work in a phone!
Turns out the APN settings for O2 are (obviously) different to O2s!
I now have Internet access, but still trying to get O2 Priority to send me a code.

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Internet's working but won't be able to get O2 Priority working with an iPad SIM... they just don't accept them! (Mobile only)

Getting a new SIM sent out.
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