Need help with Sky setup and options

    Ok, ok I know this is really one for the but after reading through their forums I can't find the info I'm looking for and I don't want to post as the information probably is there.

    Originally at my house we had a standard Sky box and bog standard package (no movies, no sports etc.) At the start of this year we upgraded to multiroom at an additional 10 pounds per month but also took up their offer of upgrading to Sky+ for the main box. Rather than pay the 10 pounds for Sky plus, we took out a subscription to the movie channels.

    Now I would quite like to get a Sky box in my bedroom, looking at the costs here:…oom

    That would be 100 pounds for the Sky+ box or 300 pounds for the Sky HD box (it would be going with an HD box but don't know if I can justify the extra cost for it) with free installation if you take multiroom out and no Sky+ cost if you subscribe to two premium channels.

    So if I go for the additional Sky+ box, I would be paying 10 pounds for the multiroom but would the additional subscription for the main box mean I would n't need anything more to get the + service or would I need to pay an additional ten pounds or take out a further premium channel subscription? I'm a bit puzzled what the multiroom subscription is for when they seemingly make it optional - if you don't take the multiroom subscription but pay the 60 pounds installation and have the additional box installed what do you lose?

    Also, how much of the + service would work? From what I've picked up you can have a quad output on the dish which we are currently using three of (two for the + box and one for the multiroom box) which means an additional + box would only get one channel, losing the ability to watch a different channel while recording. That's not really a big issue as long as the system works ok.

    Thanks for any help and advice to clear this up for me.


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    Ok, after a lot of reading I think I'm getting to grips with this!

    If you already have a Sky+ system working, then you don't pay any more for further Sky+ boxes. If you take out multiroom without a subscription you only get the free to air channels it seems, making it rather pointless if you go for a + or HD box.

    On the technical side it now seems possible to have an octo LNB rather than a quad LNB allowing four Sky+ boxes, eight Sky boxes or a mix of both.

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