Need help with Wii world tour drum kit-cymbal wires have broken

Found 9th Mar 2009
My 3 year old son decided to play with the cymbals and twisted them 360 breaking the wire on each cymbal. I need to know if and where I can get a replacement from (My partner's looked at trying to re-wire it but he said he's definitely broke it!!)

Many thanks in advance xxxx
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Don't be too hard on the little fellow, they are known for being fragile.

The wires that is not the 3 year old.!
kmac;4596967 might help, you can do a warranty claim on there!

I have done this and it took 48 hours to get a new part, i also got the cable to tune your drums that you really should get if you have not already as its free and you dont get it with the set.

*EDIT: Its funny cos I have just become friends on a site like facebook with the VP of Red Octane Hardware division about 30 mins after replying to this lol
Hi. have you managed to fix this problem ? my 3 yr old has done the same thing. The wires come out of the plug thing and i think if i take it back to HMV they wont refund as its not a manufacturing fault. Just wondered if you had n e luck getting a replacement or it fixed? I cant seem to get the yellow symbol out. well i can take the symbol off but the rod is stuck in so im wondering how i'd replace it if i was to get another one? im abit confused. if you could help that'd be great thankyou. :roll:
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