Need help writing an introduction for a report

    Basically, i'm starting to write my project report which is based around making a project, such as an amplifier or an alarm etc.

    I'm having trouble writing the introduction and i've deleted it about 5 times and started over, all I have now is mr paper clip!

    Can anyone help me by explaining how to structure it etc ?

    : (


    Your introduction should be a summary of the whole report where you set out what it is you are doing.

    A good way to structure it is to write a set of bullet points that summarise each step. Then put these points in sequence.

    That's it really.

    Good luck

    introduction is really a background that should set the scene for what you will cover in your report. The easiest way to do this to ask yourself, what background information you should give to someone who knows nothing about this area/field. This will then go in the introduction!

    As a phd resercher I tend to stick to an easy rule of thumb: INTRO: Tell them what your going to say (including current state of problem), MAIN :say it, CONCLUSION: then tell them what you have said.

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    Thanks repped

    alot of people i know say do the introduction last as then you'll have a better idea of what form you want your project/essay to take and will have knowledge of the topic so can introduce it better
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