Found 25th Feb 2010
i have had someone attempt to break in this week i havent had any home insurance til now but would like a fairly decent one that will cover me well and doesnt have silly small print non able to claim points etc
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i got a gsd im trying to re-home, better them home insurance, lol
Whatever insurance you get, make certain you tell them about the attempted break in.
Failure to do this will result in them not paying for any claim.

Its a condition of any insurance policy (even if not said to you) that you must notify them of any relevant information or they may invalidate your insurance, and failing to tell them the only reason you got insurance is because you had an attempted break in, would be classed as a major fact that should have been disclosed.
and when you tell them about the attempted break in they will double up the policy, so it will be way to expensive
i'd only tell them if you informed police etc otherwise it will cost you a bomb. I know its exspensive but its a real must imagine if your house burnt down?
oh dear i thought i had to tell them...i've always meant to get blimming house insurance !!
who's the best and the less costly lol cos either way i need insurance xx
go through quidco hun. normally £100 or so cashback. i am with halifax but more than were cheaper, just i have been with halifax forever and have unlimited contents cover, more and also of others are normally limited, if there were to be a fire the cost of the contents would mount up very quickly, it would be surprising. Plus i changed from halifax to more than with my car insurance and i am having trouble with them.
Insurance is something you can never say who's the cheapest, as prices very for everyone
for example, I could say I paid so much for insurance from Tesco, but when you get a quote it could be double that, it depends on your age, your property type, the rate of crime in your area, and many other factors, the only thing I would suggest is check online for companies that do house insurance,
get a quotation, then go to quidco and see how much cashback various insurance companies give, then using the amount of cashback and how much the quotes were, take insurance out with the one that works out cheapest for you
tesco do a zero excess
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