need ideas for a christening present please

    my friends daughter is being christened next month but im stuck on what to buy as a gift. dont want to buy silver bangles/money boxes/certificate holder etc as she will probs get these off other people. anyone have any ideas? she will be 11 months at the time. oh and budget will be around £15


    What about a baby photo shoot,you normally get 1 free picture and the option of purchasing more,loads of websites doing deals

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    dont suppose you have a link?

    What about a day out tickets for the family.. zoo etc... they will gets loads of unwanted stuff and thats different, more fun and will be remembered.

    Hi, i was on amazon website the other day looking at shoes and noticed they had some really nice baby girls shoes reduced on free delivery. Might be worth having a look. Hope you get sorted with something.

    A copy of the Quran

    have you seen those spaceform things, i bought my daughters godparents one each as a thankyou but they do all different ones and i think there quite nice, they range from £9 to £20 odd.

    You could add money to the childs trust fund account if they have one.

    ask her parents for some outfits she has grown out of and use the fabric towards making a small quilt, this will be unique, personal and something that she can cherish, even when she is older she can use it for her dolls. If a months not long enough for you to acheive this you could see if anyone else is struggling for ideas and team up. My daughter and I are starting to save fabric towards one we are going to make together
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