Need ideas for sister in laws 40th ...

    Help, anyone got any good ideas of what we can do? She's coming up for the weekend, and so are other family members.

    We are going out for a family meal on the Saturday night, but also need something fun to do in the day ... have already booked her a spa session, but she wants a fun trip out with the kids too - we're in the Midlands.

    Oh yeah, and it might need to be August Bank Holiday and someone has suggested Drayton Manor, which I am worried will be a complete nightmare on a bank holiday!


    How about.......

    As you have most of it pretty much sorted already - the only bit that (would appear) to need to be sorted now is the

    "what to do with the kids" part - as you have pretty much guessed, it is going to be packed if it is that Bank Holiday w/e, but that is something you can't change or move, so it just needs to be accomodated, and built into and around the fixed arrangements.....

    If you DO choose to go somewhere that you know is going to be busy, it may well be worth getting everybody up and out PROPER early - not earlier than normal - proper early so that you CAN get there before everybody else, and just as importantly get in get some food or drink, get the kids off top play do your bit then GET OUT - BEFORE everyone else, to give you plenty of time to get back for part 2 etc.

    How about having a look at these two sights below to give you an idea of what you can do with the kids and then say build the day around that and see how long it would take you realistically to get there and back and so on before the meal etc etc...

    Just a thought.

    Hope the day/ event goes absoultly fantastically well for you all!



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    Not seen those before - they look great sites for some ideas!


    Not seen those before - they look great sites for some ideas!Thanks

    We aim to please! ;-)

    Hope you can think of something I really do!


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    We aim to please! ;-)Hope you can think of something I really do!xxxx

    Yeah me too, the problem is that we are catering for 6 year olds through teenagers & on up to pensioners! ... Will have a proper look at those sites & see what I can find - thanks again.
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