Need info on best Family Pack type deal

My Contract is coming to an end and I need to replace it.

In total we have 5 phones on the contract and I have two late teens daughters who have no concept of an existence without a mobile phone surgically attached to their ears, I swear if it wasn't for music they'd have one phone attached to each ear!!

Anyway what I'm looking for (if it exists) is a plan for a fixed amount every month that allows for the minutes to be spread over ALL the phones i.e. say 3000 minutes a month total and it doesn't matter if one phone uses 1 minute and another uses the other 2999.

Also unlimited texts needed within the contract.

I won't use 3 as the coverage is marginal but have no preference otherwise, I'm happy with SIM only contracts as our current phones work fine and are unlocked. I'm not looking for a friends and family type deal that only allows unlimited calls to a select range of numbers, ideally I'd pay say £150 per month for totally unlimited calls and texts to all mobiles and landlines, however making sense of the 23,000 assorted different contracts out there is like swimming in treacle.




O2 family bolt on for £7.50 per month is only one I know.

# just £7.50 per month for 5 people to enjoy unlimited* calls, texts and picture messages.
# Pick your favourite 4 friends and family on O2 to join your group.
# 1 person pays and all 5 get to send unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to everyone in the group.
# Available on O2 Pay Monthly and O2 Pay & Go.
# Just 30 days' notice to cancel.


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Thanks for the response but as I said originally I'm not looking for a 'Family and Friends' type contract, they're far too restrictive, my little 'uns sometimes change 5 friends a week!!

Anyone else got any suggestions?

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